How Do Advertisers Appeal to Their Target Audience?

How do advertisers appeal to their target audience?

Many companies use advertising to promote their products and to make them known to a wider range of customers. Advertising is also used to persuade potential customers to buy a companies products over rival ones. Advertising is an effective way for companies to get people to recognise their products.

There are several ways in which companies aim to advertise and one of these ways is through television advertisement. This is a very influential way for the advertising companies to showcase their products by using video clips to show what how they work and voiceovers to persuade the viewers to buy the product. Slogans are also used in many advertising campaigns to make certain products stick in people's minds. For example, the rhyming slogan in the Mars bar adverts; "Pleasure without measure" is catchy and easy for people to remember. Television adverts also have the ability to use different camera angles and shots to accentuate the product and show the viewer why they should buy it over other brands. Jingles and popular music are often used in television and radio advertisements. These help people to remember the advert and hopefully encourage them to buy the product. Television has a vast audience which makes it a very effective form of advertising.

Other ways companies advertise is through radio broadcasting. Slogans, jingles, popular music and sound effects are used to make people remember the product. Because many people listen to the radio this is also a good way to advertise. Business cards and posters are also effective forms of advertisement. Business cards are easy to distribute and are small and handy. They usually have the product or company logo printed on them and any slogans they might have, along with addresses and telephone numbers. However, because they are so small they can be easily lost. Posters are also effective forms of advertisement that can be seen in many different places so a...