Compare and Contrast the Representations and Ideologies Operating in an Adventure Game and a Simulation Game of Your Choice. in What Ways Do They Indicate the Target Audience for the Games?

Compare and contrast the representations and ideologies operating in an adventure game and a simulation game of your choice. In what ways do they indicate the target audience for the games?

There are many ideologies and representations in video games in the contemporary world. These representations and ideologies are what attract the target audience, as the audience can relate to the game through these representations and ideologies and feel a sense of escapism or personal identification. The games Call of Duty (COD4): Modern Warfare (2007) and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) reflect contemporary issues through the representations and ideologies they depict.

‘So, when I started my PhD I tried to analyze videogames ideology, focusing on in-game legitimization of power, and how players are encouraged to use different socio-political resources. This focus on the individual is quite interesting because contrary to real world, individual will impact on political system. Depending on the game environment and universe, ideology will differ. For example, as a heroic-fantasy hero you will restore a peaceful feudal state or parliamentary monarchy, a kind of pre-democratic states. In a contemporary universe you will fight against terrorist or aliens in order to preserve democracy.’   This theory is directly shown in the video game Call of Duty, where you take part in a British and US mission which involves fighting against the Iraqi and Russian’s. The fight against terror is a massive contemporary issue worldwide, and for a lot of people in Britain and America, and most of the Western-World, the opportunity to virtually help your country fight against terrorists would be unparalleled for some. The ideology of white supremacy is commonly shown throughout games, through the representations and ideologies portrayed throughout gameplay. It is shown in COD4 as you fight for the western world against Arabs or Russians, the mis-en-scene reflects a derelict and undeveloped land,...