A Public Relations Plan on Functional Drinks

1. Assumptions
We are team of 6 people in the Yakult’s in-house PR department. We will put $3 million to arrange some events to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The theme of the event is “Still 40 years, still young”. The actual budget will be $2 million. Our campaign will cover a number of events, such as press conference, event and exhibition (to launch the limited edition, and poster design competition. The cost of event and press conference covered in the campaign include venue hiring, venue set-up, and insurance.

2. Situation Analysis
  2.1 Company background:
    Yakult is a Japanese Probiotics milk-like product made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of the bacterium. And, in 1935, Yakult has been started manufacturing and selling to Japan.
    60's, Yakult has a great profit, the distribution channel extended to all over Japan. In 1964, Yakult establish the first overseas branch in Taiwan, and now it has branches all over the world. In 1969, Yakult landing in Hong Kong officially, it is the third overseas branch offices.
    Recently, Yakult’s sales have a smooth grow up in Hong Kong. According to the annual report of Yakult Japan, the sales volume of HK in 2006 is 427 (Thousands of bottles/day) and the sales volume of HK in 2009 is 535 (Thousands of bottles/day). It shows Yakult still get a potential to continue develop in Hong Kong.
    Moreover, YAKULT is going to 40 anniversaries in Hong Kong this year, that’s why company has launched a set of campaigns to celebrate.

  2.2 Company PR Issues:
    After the in-depth interview with Yakult’s drinker and secondary data study, we found such 4 Yakult’s PR issues.
    1. Publics now may not understand the brand very well, as they might not know all the usages of Yakult. Many people even the Yakult drinker is not very understand the benefits of it; they might not know what...

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