Assignment 5 Hlta


  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of using ICT to support teaching and learning.

Classroom based learning has development considerably over the years. Rather than sitting in a classroom all day looking at a blackboard, listening to the teacher or reading book’s it has become ore visual and interactive learning.
The introduction of ICT has helped to break down the barriers especially for pupils that may have a disability or special educational needs.
In the case of a hearing difficulty or loss of hearing, the introduction of specific hearing aids that communicate with computers or microphones has helped the learning process.
Other methods include touch screen computers, which helps the pupil learn visually and interactively. For pupils that are more a visual learner this is a significant step.
Not all children have the visual capacity and memory retention to learn through conventional methods. Where a pupil can use computers or touch screens theories are explained visually enhancing and developing the learning process.
Another popular and widely used method is the Smart/white board. When linked to computer learning again takes on a visual and more interesting form. In children with special education needs this can be very important. Once linked to the Internet a vast source of information can be accessed and used. Children specifically on the Autisim specter can learn by touching the screen interacting more listening to sounds and visual recognition.
Hand held devices are also becoming more popular. Again for children with Autisim it helps the school day fit in with everyday life and makes the child feel comfortable and relaxed.
All these methods of learning are visual, auditory and kinetic and fit into what children’s needs are.
If it is implemented properly can encourage creativity, decision-making skills, critical thinking and the world and cultures around us. This is mainly due the introduction of the Internet. Before we just had...