Hlta Asisgnment 1

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Assignment 1

      1.1 Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants or HLTA’s as they are more commonly known, are teaching assistants who have embarked on a more complex course at a higher education level in order to gain an increased knowledge of the subject of supporting teaching and learning within the school environment. A HLTA needs to possess the skills, training and a good comprehension about the needs, development and abilities of the children whom they are supporting.

The role of a HLTA, is outlined in the national agreement which was drawn up in January 2003. When it was first released it included proposals to introduce the role of higher level teaching assistants. The title was created, as it was hoped that a HLTA would bring a more distinct contribution to the work of schools. When it was first introduced, the relevant agencies were optimistic that the move would be a positive one. The DfES and the Teaching Training Agency, now known as the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), also published a set of national standards which were aimed at higher level teaching assistants. Due to the manner of the role, the standards were put in place to ensure that a HLTA had the necessary skills and expertise, in order to make an active contribution to the pupils’ learning. After the introduction of the role of HLTA it was found that the quality of teaching improved within schools, as many teachers could now focus more closely on their own professional roles. The...