Hlta Level 4

Assignment Submission

Name:   Elizabeth Rodmell

Assignment 1
1. Training requirements for a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA),

A Higher Level Teaching Assistant firstly would be expected to have experience with children or young adults of whom s/he intends to work with, however, In order to achieve the status of a HLTA the candidate is required to meet a set of standards called the HLTA professional Standards.
In the past the candidate   was required to be assessed in a school environment by the external moderators The Regional Providers of Assessment (RPAs): A nationally recognized body that carry out the assessment and moderation of candidates against the HLTA Professional Standards.
This was a four stage process, whereby the person seeking HTLA status, with the support of their schools head teacher was required to:
  1) Seek funding, usually through the LA (local authority)
  2) Fill in any training gaps that may prevent him/her from meeting these standards.
  3) Prepare for assessment; courses are offered at the candidate or schools expense.
  4) Complete the half day assessment.
However in August 2012 the government decided to no longer fund method of assessment stating: “ Head teachers will be free to decide whether a member of their staff has demonstrated through practice that they meet the specific set of HLTA professional standards and are, therefore, competent to take on the role of HLTA within that school. It is planned that the Teaching Agency will continue to maintain and review the HLTA professional standards.”
(05 September 2012, author: DfE at: http://www.education.gov.uk/staff/b00202143/hlta/standards )).
The Department of Education also suggests the Head teachers are free to use independent providers of HLTA based course to further their staff if they wish.
The HLTA professional standards provide head teachers with a resource in which to make the judgement if the member of staff is skilled enough   to take the...