Hlta Assignment 1

MD1138762 – Michelle Wade

Assignment   1
  1. Discuss the training requirements for Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs).

It’s essential that HLTAs have experience with the children that they are assigned to work with, however there is also a certain criteria that HLTAs should meet, this is where the HLTA standards come into effect, these standards set out what an individual should understand, know and be able to do before they are awarded the higher level teaching assistant status.
The HLTA professional standards set out what is expected of TA’s working towards HLTA status.
The standards are split up into three sections, the first being Professional Values and Practice, this section covers the attitudes and commitments that are expected from trained HLTAs. The section states that HLTAs must demonstrate that they have high expectations of all pupils, respect their backgrounds   and that they are committed to raising their educational achievements, that they are able to build on and maintain positive and successful relationships with pupils, treat them with respect and show they are concerned for their developments as learners, promote the positive values, attitudes and behaviours they expect from the pupils they are working with, that they work together with colleagues, effectively carrying out their roles and seeking help and advice when needed. They also need to be able to communicate sensitively and effectively with parents and carers, understanding and recognising their roles in pupils learning and that they always look to improve their own knowledge and practice through colleagues observing , evaluating and providing feedback.
The second standard being Professional Knowledge and Understanding, this section requires HLTAs to demonstrate that they have the correct knowledge, expertise and awareness of the curriculum to work effectively and consistently with the teachers as part of a professional team, it also states that HLTAs need to demonstrate...