Assignment 301 Ai

Health and social care level 3 assignment 301

• To express needs
• To share ideas and information
• Express feelings
• Give instructions

a Colleagues and other professionals
Relationships with colleagues and other professionals are vital if people are to work together effectively, if you are working as a team it is important to share the work load, asking questions if you are unsure of anything and share others knowledge in areas where it can help. Always follow agreed procedures for decision making.
Being on time is always important and valuing everyone's contribution if there are good relationships then working becomes easier because people will co-operate and trust develops.

b Individuals using the service and their carers.
Social care workers work as a team in different care setting to help / support / care for people with different needs.
Your skills in building a relationship with the service user are very important to ensure that the service users identified outcomes are met. The service users need to be sure that they are working with someone that they can trust who is honest and can keep confidence and are committed to working in their best interest. Once the service user feels reassured about these aspects they are more likely to feel confident to more onwards to achieving the outcome they have identified.

•   Observation

By observing someone closely you can establish which language should be used, or if there is a disability or illness, or hearing. Visual impairment then particular communication styles can be used.

Care plans / records

Care plans can help to identify the individuals particular illness or disability and what kind of support does the individual need in order to accomplish the communication and language needs.

•     Ask colleagues / family / friends

Family, friends and colleagues who will have a great deal of information about a service user. They will have developed ways of dealing with...