Assessing Learners in Lifelong Learning

Unit 409: Assessing Learners in Lifelong Learning

Paschal Ekeigwe – Amended 23 February 2013

Task A: Practical and essay


To complete this task you must:

  a) Produce a different assessment and deliver them to your peers

  b) Record assessment to meet internal and external processes and requirements

  c) Obtain written feedback from your peers and do a self-evaluation (forms will be provided, these must be submitted as evidence)

All of above have been done (and submitted)


To complete this task you must write an essay

  a) Explaining what two assessment types you have produced and what method you have used to deliver them and why.   In addition explain how the two-delivered assessment meets the needs of learners

We gain more insight into student’s abilities, needs, experiences, and interests by carrying out assessments and the outcome of assessments helps us to know how much information a student has retained in class, how the student is progressing in a course as well as how much further support a student may require.   Based on this the outcome of assessments help us to provide better services to students and to help them achieve their potential as well provide a way of tracking learner progress over a period of time.

For the purpose of this exercise, I produced two assessments, one informal and the other formal in order to ascertain the level and the potential of the students in class.   Informal assessments are a procedure for obtaining information that determines if a student is suitable for a particular course he or she would like to do whereas formal assessments are a procedure of using standard formats for determining the level of a student e.g. examinations or in course tests.

Delivery Method

The informal and formal assessments were prepared and delivered in typed examination question standard formats with instructions on what to do. Each student in the class had two question papers each i.e. formal and informal...