Assessing Delivery in Lifelong Learning

Understand how technology can enhance learning and teaching
3.1: Analyse ways to use technology to enhance learning and teaching
The ways in which technology can be used to enhance learning and teaching are many and various. The term “Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is used to describe, “Any online facility or system that directly supports learning and teaching” (Walker, Voce & Ahmed (2012). In the article published by The University of Edinburgh, IAD (2013), the adoption of various technologies bought great changes, allowing learners different learning styles. A common and widely-used model of learning style is Fleming’s (2001) Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic (VAK) model. According to this model, most people possess a dominant or preferred learning style; however some people have a mixed and evenly balanced blend of the three styles: Visual learners, auditory learners and kinaesthetic learners.

FIG. 1 Elmo (2012) What Is ICT in Education?
Learners’ responsibility and ICT and research skills are promoted, as they independently access recordings of lectures / copies of class slides, receive assignment emails from lecturer and use the same media to submit their homework, and receive their feedback, participate in online discussions, etc Elmo (2012). In my practice as a history teacher, I used various forms of technologies to aid the learners’ learning and my teaching in so many ways to promote equality and diversity, inclusion amongst the learners, and allow me to accomplish my lesson plan target which included differentiation amongst the learners in terms of the learning styles and to meet their needs.
I recall applying flexible computer aided learning with familiar software the learners understand which makes the learning environment learner centred and friendly. I promoted their sense of responsibility by encouraging them to access the World Wide Web using the goggle search engine to find and use...