Nit 20. Principles of Assessment in Lifelong Learning

Unit 20.   Principles of Assessment in Lifelong Learning       James Gunn

In this assignment I’m going to explain how I understand the principles of assessment in Lifelong Learning and how they are applied in relation to my teaching. Assessment is used to find out if your learners have actually learned what is being taught to them and if they have the required knowledge to pass any exams set for them as well as the skills required for their chosen career if the course is vocational. When planning the different types of assessment I need to make sure that they are valid, that the assessment relates to the subject being taught and only measures what is actually being taught; reliable, meaning that if a different set of learners took the same test would they achieve a similar set of results; fair, i.e. is the assessment level correct for the skill or knowledge level of those particular learners and does it include all particular needs and is it ethical, i.e. is it confidential, safe and secure for my learners.   Also during the planning of assessment it should always be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (S.M.A.R.T.). Specific meaning that it is specific to the qualification and the assessment criteria and that it is clearly defined. Measurable so that any gaps in the student’s learning can be identified. Achievable meaning that the learning is at the correct level for the qualification. Realistic in that the assessment method is relevant and consistent. Time bound in that the dates and times for the assessments are carried out.
The three different types of assessment are initial, formative and summative. Initial assessment is what takes place at the beginning, formative assessment takes place during the course and summative takes place at the end of the course.
Firstly I am going to explain about initial assessment. This type of assessment can be carried out both formally and informally.   Initial assessment is what takes place either...