Assess the Impact of Different Sales Techniques and Customer Service Within Tesco. Btec Business Level 3 D2

Assess the impact of different sales techniques and customer service within Tesco.
Tesco –
Who are they?
Tesco is a company founded in 1919 by a man called Jack Cohen; he started the business on a market stall in the East End of London, UK. The business has since grown, and we now see a Tesco store in the majority of every town in the UK and around the world. The company as a whole deal with approximately tens of millions of customers every day, therefore their skills in regards to sales techniques and customer service must be of a high standard and continually evolving with the changing times.

The company’s current performance and future plans.
Currently Tesco offer may features to enhance customer service and sales techniques, such as; self-service checkouts, shopping along with many other initiatives to enhance performance and provide the best service for customers. At present the company conduct research steadily on customers via online shopping habits, customer viewpoints every 4-5 weeks and a new initiative called ‘my family’ this is to bring in up to ten families that are currently customers of the chain, to monitor their shopping behavior and to gain feedback. The company assess their customer base on a regular basis, to provide a better service and a better level of staff training.

In the future, they hope to continue to excel in their level of customer service, techniques used for sales, to ensure the company continue to prosper, and the customer remains loyal. One of the initiatives they are looking to use within the future is improving the overall shopping trip for customers, Tesco believe this has not been improving at a fast enough rate and the moment and this needs addressed.
The plan for the future has been developed with a customer and company dual focus; they hope to improve on the services they provide such as recruitment, training and staffing along with the equipment used, to show customers their dedication and their...