3.1 - Discuss the Impact That Different Leadership Styles May Have on Motivation in Organizations in Periods of Change

This report will discuss about the effect of different leadership styles may have on motivation of employees during periods of change, comparing the application of different motivation theories within the workplace and the usefulness of motivation theory for mangers. Nevertheless, also this report will explain the nature of group behavior within organizations and the factors may inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organization.

3.1 - Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organizations in periods of change
Leadership is one person influencing the behavior of other persons in an organization. “Motivation is the process by which the behavior of an individual is influenced by others, through their power to offer or withhold satisfaction of the individual’s needs and goals”. (BPP Learning Media, 2010)
Leadership is about motivating, inspiring and influencing people. The important job of management is the effective and well-organized using of human resources for the achievement of organizational targets. The effective use of human resource will not be achievable without motivating employees in the organization. And therefore, motivating employees needs a leadership style, which plays an important role because they make the company culture which affect on the organization and its performance. Leadership styles have different types and each type has its own impact on motivation in work and it will be discussed below.
• Persuasive: in this leadership style the manger make decisions but it will be explained to the subordinates. When the manger explains the decision to the subordinates, he will attempt to motivate them to carry them out willingly.
• Participative: In this style mangers take their employees’ knowledge and experience in taking decisions, but the manger retain the final decision. Participative leaders involve their employees which is a big motivation for them to contribute to help solving...