Assess the Impact of Changes in the Global and European Business Environment on a Selected Business [M3]

Assess the impact of changes in the global and European business environment on a selected business [M3]
I am going to begin this essay with firstly assessing how particular EU policies have an impact on the business organisation I have chosen, Ryan Air who are a low cost transportation business that offer flights to European destinations. The first EU policy I am going to be assessing is the EU educational policy, and when looking at what the European educational policy says, the policy states ‘The EU shall contribute to the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between member states, if necessary, by supporting and supplementing their actions’ EC.EUROPA (2013). As well as the EU having this mission statement so to speak, EU education policy has also set targets that they want to meet such as ‘No more than 10% of school pupils should leave school before the end of compulsory education’ and ‘At least 85% of 22 year olds should have complete upper secondary education’. The EU educational policy currently state that they aim to meet these targets but 2020 EC.EUROPA (2013). When looking at this EU educational policy impacts Ryan Air, we can see clearly that the policy aims to ensure students do not exit education prematurely and support staying in education to achieve a degree which will be impact Ryan Air positively. This is due to the fact that the employment pool will be more highly saturated with a better and higher educated to people which will mean that the candidates applying for the Ryan Air positions will be better qualified which gives the business a wider range of educated potential employees to choose from. With the standard of education continuously improving and a larger pool of educated people, it benefits Ryan Air as salaries can be kept low due to the fact that there is an abundance of adequate resources available.
The next EU policy I am going to be assessing is called the EU environment policy, and when looking at the...