Assesment Task 6 Cypop5

Assessment Task Six
A welcome pack is an ideal way for you to explain your home based service to parents and other professionals. It can include information about you and your family, your policies, information about your availability and rates of pay and the unique service that you are able to provide.
Looking at the assessment criteria below create an introductory page for your welcome pack that explains the:
  *  importance of working closely with parents
  * ideas of how you will go about this including the participation of children
  * how you plan to ensure children feel welcome and valued.
Relevant Assessment Criteria:
3.1 Explain the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the child care service                                                                                                     3.2 Describe how partnership with parents are set up and maintained     4.1 Explain how routines are based on meeting a child's needs; agreements with parents; participation of children                                         4.3 Explain how they ensure each child is welcomed and valued in the home based work setting
Welcome to Anna’s Childminding!

          My name is Anna and I am 30 years old. I live in South Wimbledon, London, with my almost 4 year old son O.
My first language is Hungarian and I encourage my son to speak both Hungarian and English and we love to learn about other languages, cultures and traditions.
I started working in childcare since 2007, first as a nanny and now as a child minder, so I can spend more time with my son, but still doing what I love.
    I have a lovely, clean, smoke free, pet free and welcoming home, whit a big play area in the living room with a wide selection of toys for children of all ages . My son’s room has a corner with a reading nook, for children wanting some quiet time. I don’t have a garden but I live within walking distance of park’s, playgrounds, library, play groups and we...