Ash Edu 675 Week 2 Assignment Action Research Project New

ASH EDU 675 Week 2 Assignment Action Research Project NEW

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How is My Research Relevant? A Work in Progress
Recall, action research focuses on enabling teachers, researchers and leaders to be continuous learners (Mills, 2014). By this, action research is considered a “work in progress” (Brydon-Miller, Greenwood, & Maguire, 2003, p. 10) and is considered a “common formative assessment” (Buczynski & Hansen, 2014, p. 352). The process of deliberate and repeated fine-tuning to the design is critical to successful implementation of action research. Therefore, part of the purpose of this assignment is to ensure relevancy of your research and to deepen the research endeavor. Your final project in this course involves preparing a comprehensive presentation of your findings. This assignment is the first step in putting your final project together. Through the collaborative conversations that occur during this week’s discussions, you will gain helpful information from classmates that may prompt a need for refining your research design as it evolves.
Remember, it is important that the data collection is aligned with the research question(s), which was required in the matrix from EDU671. Therefore, another purpose for this assignment is for you to use this assignment as an opportunity to revise and adjust the data collection portion of your study. Effective action research practice includes ongoing and deliberate thought in order to positively inform your study. Revisions are required as part of this action research process. Consequently, incorporating this information is essential to a comprehensive data collection process and presentation of findings that is due in Week Six. For this assignment, you summarize the necessary modifications you made to your action research...