Mixed Feelings of Frustration and Enthusiasm for Action Research

Theme:               Mixed feelings of frustration and enthusiasm for action research
The Action research course has built up mixed feelings in me. I carried out research in high school while I was preparing for the CXC exams. Because of my previous experience, I expected the course to have similarities to what was done in high school.   Throughout the course, I covered concepts taught in high school and much more. I was exposed to new and interesting things in the course.   I am looking forward to start the research, but I am still frustrated to a large extent. This frustration has led to fearful feelings about carrying out this research.
Throughout the course, I have learnt many new interesting concepts. I did not know that action research is carried out in schools where teachers collaborate and carry out investigations. Teachers engage in this type of research to investigate ways to help students learn and ways to develop the teaching profession. Because some teachers do not capture the attention of their students, As a result, the students do not grasp the concepts.   According to theorist Robert Gagne's in his Nine Events of Instruction, he identified mental conditions for learning. Gagne encouraged teachers to gain and maintain the attention of learners. If teachers are able to achieve this, students will be interested in learning any concept being taught to them. Also, Lev   Vygotsky   stresses the importance of looking at each child as an individual who learns distinctively.

At the class, I also learnt that critical thinking and analysis will be crucial in order to make sense of the data collected. The class looked at how to analyze data. Analysis involves breaking up or separating materials into pieces or parts.   In my area of studying mathematics, I used critical thinking and analyzing skills to break down complex problems in order to solve them.   In the field of research, it will require me to break up the data into small parts, the parts are coded...