Unit: 543 – Undertake a Research Project - Learning Outcome 1

Daniel Blaney
Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care
Unit: 543 – Undertake a Research Project - The Effectiveness of Hand Hygiene Training Methods and its utilisation within Parr Care Home.
Learning outcome 1 – The learner will be able to justify a topic for research within services for health and social care or children and young people.
      1.1 Within this project, I intend to research all Hand Washing training that is made available, in an attempt to find the most effective form of Hand Hygiene training for staff in a Health and Social Care environment. The care environment to be used is my current care environment. That is Parr Care Home, a 60 bedded Care home. There are 55 members of staff employed at Parr Care Home, all lacking in Hand Hygiene Training.

      1.2 The aims of this project are:
- To find the most effective form of hand hygiene training available. The effectiveness of such training would be determined through feedback as a result of the 2 different intended “experimental” training sessions in hand hygiene.
- To discover the true effectiveness of Parr Care Home’s Hand Hygiene Policy
- To find the more user friendly form of hand hygiene training available, in an attempt to involve the trainee’s involved with regards to recognising of how to correctly wash their hands and to see just how dirty their hands are without being washed.

      1.3 Within this project, all individual/personal data will be kept confidential. All opinions from the 2 different training sessions will be submitted anonymously in an attempt to maintain confidentiality at all times. This is largely due to avoiding potential upset from trainees who all learn and understand training given in different forms. All research collaborated will be marked with code numbers, as opposed to individual names.

      1.4 In October 2005, the World Health Organisation began the “Clean Care is Safer Care” campaign. This was the first global Patient Safety...