Ash Ece 405 Week 3 Assignment the Iris Center Module

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The IRIS Center is a national center that aims to provide high quality resources and training for educators. Go to Begin by selecting the Challenge balloon. Listen to the Case study. Then select the Initial Thoughts balloon. Focus on the question regarding the level of involvement of Maria’s parents. Continue on to the Perspectives and Resources balloon (focusing on Page 3) and finally go to the Assessment balloon. After completing the module, submit a 2-3 page paper (not including the title and reference page) which addresses the cultural differences that exist between Maria, Mr. Bennett and the school. Using at least one external resource to help you better understand Maria’s culture:
§ Analyze how Maria’s bilingualism is being addressed by the school and Mr. Bennett and any cultural or linguistic considerations which seem to have been largely ignored.
§ Suggest possible reasons for Maria’s behavior in the classroom, tardiness for school and Maria’s parents’ perceived lack of involvement in her education.
§ Assess what this scenario tells us about the concept of multicultural education and how race and gender come into play.
§ Recommend strategies which you, as her teacher, would use to better equip Maria for academic success.
At a minimum, use one external source, in addition to the course text. Remember to cite all references using APA style

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