Health Promotion Program

I have a great promotion program that might be helpful. I called it Project Ego. This program will, probably, last about 10 weeks and it will be aimed for 4th to 6th grade special needs students. This program will be able to help raise their self-esteem. This program is, also, for the schools that are eligible for the Title 1 funding and other services, that comes with it. That is good, because schools, with the Title 1 funding and other services, have been noticed as having more of a large percentage of students, which are living below the poverty level, which is not good, however, this isn’t stopping the students with their talents in school, because there are high levels of students with English as a Second Language, which is pretty good, and there is a lot that are good with migratory classes. With this Title, students are, often, seen as student that don’t finish their schooling, due the impairments that they have and they are endured with a lot of criticism, because of it. However, after these 10 weeks, they won’t have to put up that, because they will feel good about themselves and it won’t matter to them.
        There are 4 goals that these will achieve, once they are done with this program. They are:
                  1. They will show a great deal of working knowledge of their special needs in the
                  2. They will identify 3 problems that interfere with their positive self-image and they
                        will make a plan to get rid of, at least, one of problems, during these 10 weeks.
                  3. They will meet with their mentor, at least, two times, every week, to talk about their
                        plans and their own views of their successes and failures, as they relate to the
                  4. They will come closer to eliminating the negative talk and comments and will
                        develop positive responses to the...