Army Databases

Databases in the U.S. Army
David Berwanger
James Forgath

Databases in the U.S. Army
Databases are widely used in the United States Army. Almost every department within the Army uses them. These electronic filing cabinets so to speak, are so resourceful, so easily accessible that they have become a necessity.
From personnel management, to battlefield organizations, databases are widely implemented to help unit commanders and key leaders manage not only their troops, but their equipment as well.
The military widely relies on Microsoft Office to create papers, reports, spreadsheets, graphs, and databases. As a Team Leader, I have to do monthly counseling statements, be it positive or negative. When these counseling statements are presented, signed and finished, they are then uploaded into a database for future reference.
Every soldier in the Army has a Military Personnel file. This file is electronically amended and stored. Each soldier is also given access to view their files anytime they so choose. These files contain copies of all enlistment paperwork, orders for promotions, awards, and assignments and change of duty stations. Along with their personnel files are their medical files as well. The individual soldier cannot access their entire medical files on the internet, however, they can log into a website that allows them to check on the status of their vaccines, HIV results, and dental status. Those soldiers who have been wounded and are on any kind of limited duty profile can also see the profile paperwork and print off a personal copy for themselves if needed.
In a world where everything is being done electronically, it is a great feeling knowing that even in the Army we have real time access to our files. Even the Department of Defense Financial and Accounting Service uses an electronic database to submit pay for the thousands of soldiers each pay period sends out an electronic paystub to each individual soldier using this...