Database Paper: Week 4 Assignment

In the world of business and technology it is very hard to keep up with clients and changes in information within an organization. Without some structure to clientele information the entire company can be left in what would seem like complete disarray. No one really has a picture perfect memory when it comes to the vital day-to-day information that needs to be retained and either monitored or updated. That is where data basing within the business field has become a significant part of the success these corporations thrive on.
My place of employment takes the data basing aspect very seriously. In order to accomplish everyday tasks, I myself, rely very heavily on the database system as well. When speaking with a client I must have the ability to communicate fluidly with them as well as locate their personal information or previous records. The more information that I have access to the better of a resource I am for that client. In order to allow me to make this process doable my place of employment has incorporated the Oracle database.

The Oracle database at my work logs information and preserves previous issues that include the clients’ information and the nature of the issue up to what has been done to resolve the said issue. This database also maintains the information that provides us with the resources to know how each locations server and different media is applied. Have this ability at my fingertips it allow me to sustain a more proficient work ethic. From being able to locate clients previous filed complaints or grievances and having location information stored in the database to keeping me informed of any hardware issues at locations.
Oracle helps maintain a capable work environment although there is always room for improvement in data basing. I see this at my job pretty frequently. Most of the time it takes quite a few employees to keep location information up to date on an hour to hour basis. This sometimes...