Effectiveness of the United States Army’s Mentorship Program

This study assessed the view of officers assigned to   Battalion,   Chemical Brigade,   concerning the Army’s Mentorship Program.   Forty-three students attending the   Officers Basic Course ( OBC) class   completed a 24-question survey.   Results determined that the officers felt that overall the Army’s mentorship program was effective, but noted some changes that could improve both the Army’s and   Company’s mentorship programs.   Conclusions revealed that these officers recognize the benefits gained from the Army’s mentorship program, and the importance of continuing the program; however, they have some concerns and suggestions on how to make the program more effective.   Recommendations include starting the mentorship program during the first week of class, and scheduling mentoring sessions during duty hours.

Situation Analysis

      It is not definitively documented when and or where mentoring or mentorship actually started.   Some believe mentoring is traced back to the classic tale of Homer’s Odyssey. According to Homer, when Odysseus, King of Ithaca, sailed off to fight the Trojans in the 12th-century Before Christ (BC), he entrusted his son Telemachus in the care of a wise, experienced man named Mentor (BCBusiness, 2003).   Mentor, would served as teacher and overseer of Odysseus’s son during Odysseus’s absence.   Odysseus was gone from his home for twenty years.   In time, Telemachus now grown went in search of his father; Telemachus was accompanied on his quest by Athena, Goddess of War and patroness of the arts and industry, who assume the form of Mentor (Warrant Officer Mentorship, 2004).   Eventually, father and son were reunited and together they cast down the would-be usurpers of Odysseus’s throne and of Telemachus’ birthright.   In time, the word Mentor became synonymous with the trusted advisor, friend, teacher, and wise person.
Mentoring is an important part of most every fortune 500 company, but is not limited exclusively to large...