How Did a Small Spanish Army Conquer the Aztecs?

How did a small Spanish Army conquer the Aztecs?
"How did a small Spanish army conquer the Aztecs?"
A small Spanish army of 900 conquered the Aztec civilisation of 200,000 in 1519-1521. The small army had only 600 and then 300 reinforcements. They did this with the help of their better weapons and resources. They also had smarter strategies, which with the Aztec mistakes and a few accidental factors allowed them to overpower the Aztecs.
The Spanish had a wide variety of weapons and resources which helped them to take over the Aztec civilisation. The Spaniards had guns and horses. This gave them an enormous advantage over the Aztecs, who were fighting on the ground, on foot with wooden weapons. The Aztecs only had wooden lances tipped with stone and cane shields, whereas the Spaniards had steel weapons and shields.
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They believed that Cortez was a god who came back as their religion had predicted. The Spaniards gathered Aztec enemies to build up their numbers, as they only had a small army. They gave gifts to him and they followed his orders at the beginning. The Spaniards had more variety and effective weapons. They also used siege warfare against Tenochtitlan stopping them from getting fresh water and supplies. Their flexibility of strategies outwitted the Aztecs. The Spaniards used their mental power against a large physical army very successfully.
The Aztecs made some very foolish mistakes which helped the Spanish in many ways to conquer them.
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There were some accidental factors such as religious beliefs and diseases, which helped the Spaniards to conquer the Aztecs. All these advantages put together helped the Spaniards. They didn't attack him straight away. Another mistake was giving him gold to go away. The Spanish also retreated when they were losing men but the Aztecs just kept on going in the war until they were hurt or killed.
The Spanish had far better strategies