Arguments for Abortion

Arguments for Abortion
Shonntae' D. McGlothin
BCOM 275
University Of Phoenix
January 9, 2012

Abortion has been one of the various issues that have plagued humanity for generations. Violent debates have been birthed from the topic since it was brought to legal matters in 1970 in the Roe v. Wade case. The Supreme Court came to a decision in 1973 in the Roe v. Wade trial that permitted women to have the right to abortion in the earlier stages of pregnancy with her doctor’s consent, and then giving more legal restrictions as the stages of pregnancy progresses. In the article “Arguments for Abortion,” the publisher justifies their reasons for why women should have the right to abortion simply because it is her body and if she is the one that must undergo all the bodily changes, then she should be able to decide if she wants to follow through with the pregnancy. The publisher then leads into her main argument of why people lean towards the pro-choice decision, is that what happens in the case where a woman is sexually assaulted and a child in conceived. Imagine waking up every day and looking into the face of your child only to be reminded of the traumatic experience that occurred at one point. On the other hand, my beliefs and morals cause me to oppose the pro-choice decision. Due to my religious upbringing, I believe that the taking of any life is wrong and that when it comes to abortion other arrangements can be made. Adoption agencies have been established for such reasons that if a woman is unable to give the care needed to her child, she can open the window of opportunity for someone else that can and give the child a chance at life. Outside of abortion not only being immoral in my opinion, it can also be detrimental to the mother’s health. Studies have shown that it is possible that women who have had induced abortions in the past, could possibly have future miscarriages in the future even when they desire another child. Dwelling on the decision of a past...