Abortion: Between Religion and Ethics

Between religion and ethics


    • Introduction

    • The history of abortion throughout the world

    • Commitments to different stances on abortion
        o The « pro-life »
        o The « pro-choice »

    • Abortion, religion and ethics: a burning relationship

    • Conclusion



      A few years ago, a desperate mother ended the life of her son, the victim of a terrible car accident that made him completely paralyzed. He wanted to die, not being able to fully live his life.   He was reduced to being constantly bedridden, not able to move or even talk. After several court trials, his mother has finally been released.   She carried out what was known as euthanasia. The morality on questions such as letting someone suffer, or helping someone to die who is alive against their will (euthanasia) has been asked on different occasions and the oppositions have been strong between the people for and against it.

      This situation deals with the problem of the possibility of a human to kill someone else without being held responsible for their murder. This has always been a burning topic between the majority of French people, who thought that this was the best thing to do in certain situations, and the Christians that strongly claim that only God has the right to decide between life and death on Earth.
      On the other hand, the ethics in today’s society fight for the right of each person to decide if his life is worth living or not. Generally, religion and ethics are in strong opposition on this kind of topic, where the life of human beings is in consideration.

      This leads us to the problem of abortion, in which the problem is of the same subject: the life of a human being. The problem is in the latter part: for some people a fetus is a “human being” while for others, it is not a “human being” until the fetus becomes a baby at its birth.
      In Europe, abortion has been accepted for a...