Abortion / Morality Debate

Does the fetus have any moral or legal rights?
One of the most discussed ethical issues is the controversy surrounding abortion. Everyone has an opinion. Many people who voice their opinion do not base it on conversations with people who are opposed to their views or scientific studies. Problem: When does a fetus become a person? Does the fetus have any moral or legal rights?
Supporting Arguments for abortion: Not everything that is immoral is illegal. For instance death by lethal injection, some people may argue it is immoral but it is legal. No women should be forced to carry a child for 9 months then give birth. Children that are a product of an unwanted pregnancy are very likely to be abused or neglected. Some women may abort simply because they can not afford a child. It is inhuman to bring a child into this world then force it to live without life’s necessities. This is a Liberal point of view. Liberals are people who reject logical and biblical standards often for self centered reasons. According to the “Introduction to a Moderate Position on Abortion” fetus’ are not a person due to the fact they lack the six features required to be human. 1. Sentience (conscience experience) 2. Emotionality (able to be happy, sad etc…) 3. Reason (ability to solve a problem 4. Capacity to communicate (able to communicate) 5. Self awareness (having concept of ones self) 6. Moral agency (able to regulate actions through moral principals). Opposing arguments against abortion: God is the creator of life. All life is precious and should be protected. A person becomes a person at conception therefore it has rights that exceed the rights of the person’s body it is within. This would be a statement of a conservative person. Conservative people are usually part of religious groups. Conservative persons go as far as saying a child conceived during rape should not be aborted. Abortion should be illegal. Neutral arguments: A moderate approach is basically neutral. Moderates feel a...