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Missed Call?
I’ve had several close calls at intersections and then I see the other driver on the phone, it is enough for me to be convinced not to use the phone while driving. Drivers should quit using a cell phone because of the dangers of distractions while driving.  
The first reason a driver should quit using a cell phone while driving because it is a dangerous distraction that causes many accidents. Dialing and answering the phone is a major distraction that could cause a driver to be in a collision. Most accidents are caused by some sort of distraction to the driver. Although cell phones are not the number one distraction, cell phone usage is becoming an important factor in automobile safety. The amount of cell phone subscribers is in the millions and will continue to increase overtime. Other distractions that are dangerous while driving are; eating, taking care of children, and reaching for something in the glove box or on the seat.   The number one distraction while driving is drowsiness.
Cell phone distractions can cause several different effects while driving. Cell phone distractions are responsible for one half of one percent of all accidents in the United States. People are engaged in emotional conversations, and get distracted from driving and their general state of mind.
Their concentration and awareness levels for driving safely changes to the state of the conversation and then can endanger themselves or a nearby pedestrian.
The brutal effect of accidents and fatalities on families and friends from a simple distraction can be devastating for the driver. Accident rates will only continue to increase if we don’t start regulating the usage of cell phones while driving. Using a cell phone while driving increases your risk of collision by four times.
State regulations for cell phones should be enforced to increase safety for drivers.
While few states impose regulations: No state bans wireless phones in automobiles.
There is several proposed...