Hum 111 Week 1 Assignment

Editorial Blog Entry: Global Warming

September 18, 2011
Darin Flake
University of Phoenix: Axia College online

Global warming has become an epidemic in today’s society. The time to fix this problem is now. We all need to take action immediately to insure a healthy environment. The problem is our use of fossil fuels, fossil fuels account for more than 80% of the US global warming pollution. Here is a key factor, certain gasses such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere create a “greenhouse effect”, trapping heat and keeping the Earth warm enough to sustain life. Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc.) releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The 1990’s were most likely the warmest decade in history, and 1998 was the warmest year. Each year, an average of 24,000 Americans die as a result of pollution from coal-fired power plants. These plants dump thousands of pounds of mercury and other toxic compounds into the air and water, and are the largest source of global warming pollution in the country. We really need to put forth the extra effort to phase out coal. After further research they would like to put a ban on all new oil drilling. They say this is the only way to stop this. I would consider this to be a moral issue because if we keep doing the wrong things, we will have nothing left; our children and grandchildren will have a horrible environment to live in. This will also diminish our animals and children are more likely to have complications than adults. With technology today, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal can provide 96% of all our electricity needs. How can we say no to that? Investing in renewable sources could help our economy, creating jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. This could really boost the economy. Investments into renewable sources would eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. This should help protect our communities and the planet. Greenpeace has what they call the energy revolution; this is...