Appendix D-Hum 130

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Appendix D

Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template

Question Response
Web site 1 URL:

Name of Indigenous culture/religion presented in Web site
There is no one culture or religion that is mentioned as far as one that is presented on the site. The Australian indigenous people do not believe in one certain religion/culture each one has their own beliefs.

Consider the examples of roles and observances held sacred by these people. Is this practice being kept alive? This is still practiced today.   Each one of the people has different thoughts, beliefs, as well as ideas.   The indigenous people of Australia belong to the living cultures that have been able to survive the longest on earth.   They are a mix of traditional practices, ways and thoughts that are contemporary.

Has the culture/religion evolved over time? I would have to say no. The reason being that they practice the traditional ways of different religions/cultures.

If the culture/religion still lives, how has Western culture changed it? I don’t believe that the western culture has changed the way that they practice. They are open and believe that there is no one certain religion.

Who authored this site? Do you think the content of the site is authentic? Australian museum. Yes I do believe that it is authentic. They provide one with different references, ways for one to contact in case one needs more information, and information about the site.

Name one interesting fact you learned from this Web site. That they do not believe in one religion or culture. That they are opened to all. And the fact that they used their natural resources in order to provide for their family and never took more then what was needed at the time, and nothing was ever wasted.

Question Response
Web site 2 URL:

Name of indigenous culture/religion presented in Web...