Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling to some may seem like a good idea, bad for some other people in the interest, there are several things to consider when talking about offshore drilling like what are the pros and cons. In my opinion the cons overweigh the pros in many aspects. The reasons I say that are mainly reasons that would hold true in the long run, like what is going to happen when there is no more oil in the bottom of the ocean?
What I mean by that is like in this instant drilling offshore seems like a good idea because it helps with the supply and demand of the oil therefore keeping prices down for commodities like gas and other oil derived products. But what happens when the oil is gone not only will we have oil drilling plants offshore to disassemble but the oil prices are soon to go up, that’s one of the reasons and another would be disasters like the one in April of this year when one of many oil drilling rigs in the gulf coast had a major failure due to a safety valve they did not install because it was unnecessary money to spend. Due to that mishap the company in charge now had to pay that money and many times more.
The company has had a hard time with the cleaning effort and believes they are near complete with the task, but indeed they have just begun because of the sole reason that they have harmed a delicate balance in the way of life of many sea creatures. They accomplished this by the oil which was released into the ocean due to the missing valve, and then made matters worse with all the dispersants they used to dissolve the oil. Many animals got sick, were unable to grow correctly, or just plain out died; it is because of this that many people and myself think offshore drilling should be more heavily regulated.
With all the money spent for offshore drilling they could be could be finding other means of renewable energy, they should be looking into that while we still have oil, because if we run out of oil and then start on the research we are going to...