Chinese Influences in Contemporary Music

An American hip hop group that brought Chinese culture into the public consciousness again in the arena of music was Wu-Tang Clan. (see picture above). Making use of soundbites from 70s Kung Fu flicks, making references to ancient Chinese classical texts such as the I-Ching in their lyrics, and with a LP entitled The Eight Trigrams and with the crew stressing brotherhood, collaboration, all shows the Wu-Tang Clan's oriental ethos. The head of the Wu-Tang Clan, the Rza (pronounced the 'Rizza') had a Chinese Master whom he trained under in China in actual fact, and published a book called the 'Tao of Wu' which elucidates his understandings of the great Chinese philosophy of Taoism. In their recent albums, Rza, the musical producer behind the clan, employed a musical scale that has an effect on the body, akin to accupuncture, hitting upon the meridian chi points of the body as understood by Chinese medicine. Perhaps the most impacting and healthy effect on the body has been qigong, which from the start, opens up a great many channels in the body, and Falun Gong qigong practice at that, is the most potent of qigong practices out there it is worth noting. Anyway, we can therefore see then, that this tells of the profound influence of Chinese culture upon these Black Americans and hip hop culture.
That said, there is, despite the mystique and flair of the musicianship, a gangsterish and thuggish element to the lyrics. Therefore, there are some impure aspects to the clan. One of Freedom For China's hip hop artists who is also from New York - Rise-Ascend - provides a positive and uplifting experience though, through and through in my opinion, and comes recommended.
Rock groups The Clash and Guns N Roses each did a song about the recent persecution of Falun Gong, who uphold Chinese culture and tradition, thereby showing their respect to Chinese culture and the need for it's sustenance. The Chinese Communist Party has attempted to systematically destroy this precious...