Chinese Culture

Chinese culture
As far as I am concerned, it is necessary to learn Chinese culture course for foreign learners at Chinese colleges and universities as we are Chinese and the Chinese culture is well-established, broad and profound.
China has a 5 000-year history of the development of civilization. The Chinese culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the world, and the only one that has lasted for thousands of years without suspension. Chinese as we are, learning Chinese culture is one of our most significant tasks during your whole life, you have to start with traditional Chinese culture whoever you will be in the future. Because it has a profound affection in every aspects of our daily life. For instance, a lot of remarkable theories and thoughts are still popular in today’s society. These precious heritages become the guideline of our moral standards. In addition, one of the core principles of traditional Chinese culture is that of harmony between humans and nature. Since one's life must respect and conform to the seasons. This is a way of life that pursues harmony with nature and with others, simplicity, and a feeling of warmth and oneness with all. The traditional worldview, values and mode of thinking of the Chinese people stem from a perennial process of historical development.
Chinese culture has also influenced the world for thousands of years with its art, philosophy, technology, food, medicine and performing arts. Ancient Chinese culture not only contributes civilization or "four great inventions" to the world. In Ming and Qing dynasty, Confucianism had influenced the Renaissance in Europe since the new idea formed by combining modern history, and it became the leading European spirit - an important Enlightenment thoughts origin. In addition, as shining treasure in Chinese traditional culture, more and more classical Chinese poems are translated into various foreign languages. The translation of classical Chinese poems plays an important role in...