Analyzing Credibility

Part A
CNN paid for the interview with Giuliani to be made.   Progressive paid for the commercial to be made.   In the interview with Giuliani I do not think there is a slant.   All the interview entails is Giuliani’s opinions on the events that took place on 9/11. The interview reflects that society is still affected emotionally by 9/11 and as a result society is more aware of what can happen.   I believe the interview example is not credible because it is with Rudolph Giuliani.   Giuliani is a politician so it makes it difficult to believe things he says.   Politicians, in my opinion, are just manipulators because they all try to get people to believe what they believe.  
In the Progressive commercial, I believe there is a slant because they are trying to sell their auto insurance.   With them trying to sell the insurance of course they are going to try to portray their insurance is the best. I do not believe the Progressive commercial is credible either because it is a commercial they are trying to sell something, anything will be said to get you to by their product or service.

Part B
Yes, I am skeptical of Giuliani’s credibility because he is a politician.   With past history of politicians manipulating the public it is hard, for me personally, to believe half of what is said in the media. But, I do think that because it was an interview news report, then most people would believe it to be more credible than the third party reports we receive on the evening news. Hearing it, “straight from the horse’s mouth,” as the saying implies; hearing information from the source does increase its credibility. Yes, I do detect bias because Giuliani is stating his opinions but also I believe that his feelings about 9/11 are mutual with many.

Part C
The Johnson’s advertisement claims product credibility and efficiency. It also makes claims to increase the Johnson’s Brand name by showing society how they as a company are helping to create a more health consciences world. The...