Analizing Credibility - Crt205

Analyzing Credibility
For this assignment I watched the “Giuliani Remembers 9/11” news clip from CNN and a commercial from the Pedigree dog food website. It is obvious that CNN paid for the “Giuliani Remembers 9/11” news clip to be created and Pedigree paid for their commercials as well. I did not detect a slant in the CNN clip; however I did detect one in Pedigree’s commercials. Yes, their commercials are cool, but it clearly shows that they do care about dog’s health and they are pretty much telling society to take care of their dogs and to keep them healthy. I believe that both clips are very credible, because we all had to witness the unfortunate events of 9/11 and we can all relate to Giuliani’s story in some way and also many people in the U.S. own dogs and they treat to keep them as healthy as possible.
As far as the Giuliani clip specifically, I am not skeptical of the source’s credibility at all. As we all know, CNN is a very well-known and respected news company and Giuliani was the Mayor of New York when 9/11 happened, and went through and witnessed everything. I don’t detect any bias in this clip. I believe all of us citizens of the United States can relate to Giuliani. Most of us got to witness this horrible event, so I believe that we all stand in the same ground when it comes to 9/11 and that we have the same beliefs.
As far as the Pedigree commercials, they do make a claim that their food will keep dogs healthy and happy. The ad gives some sort of fear to dog owners, fear of losing their dogs if they don’t eat the right food. I believe that this fear is pretty universal to dog owners and that it already exists. I actually watched about 3 different commercials from Pedigree and I think that they usually describe common daily-life situations. I am a dog owner, and I buy Pedigree for my dog. For some reason, every time I see Pedigree ads something inside my brain kicks in, and tells me to buy it if I want my dog to be healthy, and I always do....