Analysis of Beneatha Younger in a Raisin in the Sun

Beneatha Younger
As Lena’s youngest child and the youngest adult, Beneatha Younger seems to be a very outspoken character in Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun”. “A Raisin in the Sun” tells the story of a poor black family that is expecting an insurance check worth ten thousand dollars. The ideas of opening a liquor store, paying for Beneatha’s medical schooling or buying a house for the family are all considered. In the end, the money is lost and causes the family to fall apart but puts them back together again.
The focus of Beneatha’s character is to find identity as well as become a doctor. More than anything, Beneatha wants to be independent. Hence the reason for her considering the option of never getting married despite how absurd Ruth or her mother may think it is. Although there are discouragements given by others, especially her brother Walter, Beneatha possesses the characteristics of determination, intelligence and selfishness.
Beneatha is drawn to Asagai because he is from Nigeria and being from Nigeria puts him in the position of being able to bring Beneatha back to her roots in her mind. As well as being an asset to finding her identity, Asagai supported Beneatha’s decision to become doctor. The fact that Beneatha was a black woman worsened her acceptance as a future professional in society. (Cristina 4)
George Murchinson and Walter were two characters that did not believe in Beneatha’s dream of becoming a doctor. Walter especially thought that this was unobtainable since she was a black woman in the 1950’s. If a man as himself, in all his potentiality, was only able to get a job as a chauffeur, how could his sister aspire to such a position? (Cristina 4) Due to the encouragement that she never received from her brother or George, Beneatha was still determined to become a doctor.
Beneatha is a college girl and in trying to find her identity, she never thinks to take her family’s advice in to consideration. In trying to find her...