Oedipus Rex and a Raisin in the Sun Comparitive Essay

Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun Comparitive Essay
Melissa Andrus
Axia College of University of Phoenix

    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry reveal pride and integrity from two different time periods and social and culture standards. They both contain some similarities, such as the pride of a man and man’s willingness and ability to change current circumstances in life. There are differences as well, such as how one handles the circumstances in their life.
    In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus shows excessive pride and self-righteousness. Oedipus thinks very highly of himself and thinks he is above everyone else. Oedipus feels very important and portrays an ignorance that will eventually bring him to his end; an ignorance that shows through his pride.
    Oedipus does not see himself for the mortal that he was and wanted to rise above being normal and achieve power. Once receiving this power, he shows his vanity through all that he has done for his city, such as remove the plague from the city and becoming their savior. Eventually, this all went to his head and made him quite arrogant.
    Oedipus had a good heart and noble intentions, but he could not escape his tragic fate. He truly was an honest king that wanted nothing but the best for his own people. He shows his loyalty to his people by being strong-willed to find those who murdered King Laius. His parents raised him with much love, even though they were not his biological parents and Oedipus leaves in order to protect them from himself when he learns of the prophecy that his fate would be to kill his father and lie with his mother.
    In A Raisin in the Sun, the Younger family is revealed as a family with a lot of pride and integrity, fighting racism. The Youngers are a black family who inherited money and felt they could better their lives with it. Mama decides to spend half the money on a house in a better neighborhood and give the other half to Walter. They...