Beneatha's Struggles

In the play, A Raisin in the Sun Beneatha Younger suffers many struggles in order to obtain her dreams.   Beneatha is a attractive twenty year old girl and who knows what she wants to have a career in and that’s being a doctor. In order to become a doctor she has to go to school for but doesn’t have the money. Beneatha is very ambitious and independent; however, she has trouble finding a hobby. She has gone through many hobbies such as photography, guitar, and many others but she can’t find what is right for her.   Her Mama has collected a life insurance check from the death of her husband who is also Beneatha’s father and although she didn’t ask for some of the money for school Mama insists to give her the money because it’s her choice what to do with the money.  
Beneatha also has two men in her life one named George Murchison who is “too shallow” as Beneatha says but, he is very rich, and Joseph Asagai who is a native African who is very sweet to Beneatha and buys her gifts and such.   Beneatha likes Asagai more, but Ruth, Mama, and Walter all want Beneatha to choose George to get marry and settle down with so that she will get his money but she thinks it is not always about the money.
Most of Beneatha’s struggles are much different than the definition of struggle that you think of when you hear the word. Beneatha’s struggle is more of a mental struggle due to the fact that she cannot decide on what she likes and who she is.   Plus Asagai always talks to her about “assimilational negroes” and he says that they are disappointing to him so she also has that on her mind when she thinks about her “identity”.   Beneatha always thought that fitting in was a good thing to try to do, until Asagai explains to her about the assimilation of negroes back in that time period.  
Beneatha also struggles with her family because she doesn’t really fit in at her household due to her different beliefs in religion and her attitude towards her brother Walter Lee Younger because of...