A Raisin in the Sun (Alternate Ending)

Ritvik Biswas
Mrs. Elbert
CP English 10
13 September 2014
"A Raisin in the Sun" Alternate Ending

Time: Next Morning after Asagai's Proposal
After Beneatha was asked by Asagai to marry him and move to Africa, Beneatha is torn between joining her family in this problem or taking the easy way out and leave for Africa. Beneatha doesn't know who to ask for help, so she approaches Ruth, who is in the kitchen making breakfast.
RUTH (pissed about losing the money): Look at you, girl! All gloomy about losin' the money for becoming a doctor! I told you that it ain't a girl's fortune to be a doctor!
BENEATHA (defensively): It ain't a girl's job to be a doctor? A girl can do whatever she want if she want to. Ain't nobody tell a girl what to do!
RUTH (sarcastically apologetic): I'm sorry, Doctor Beneatha
BENEATHA: I came to ask you an important question about my future. So if you can kindly help me...
RUTH: It's always 'bout you, ain't it? Never Mama. Never Walther. Hell, not even Travis. What do them white people call them...Self-Centered?
BENEATHA (angrily): You don't understand! I ain't self-centered!
RUTH: Oh yes I do, honey. Now, what you want my me?
BENEATHA: Asagai proposed to me.
RUTH (astonished, and loud): NO WAY!!! What he say?
BENEATHA (gleefully): He told me that as soon as I can, we shall get married, and leave for Africa, where I shall practice medicine and run my own clinic
RUTH: That's good for you...but what 'bout us? What we gonna do? I mean...
BENEATHA: That's exactly why I need your help. I need you to help me find a solution.
RUTH: But Beneatha, girl, that ain't my job. That Mama's job. You should ask her.
(As Ruth says that to Beneatha, Mama walks in, hearing her name.)
MAMA: Now, whatcha y'all up to now. What ain't your job? What my job? What should Beneatha ask me?
(Ruth and Beneatha look at each other. Ruth   nods to Beneatha, urging her to tell Mama about the news)
BENEATHA: Mama, we were just talkin' 'bout Asagai...