An Analysis of Three Operational Activities Within the Bournemouth Branch of Republic

An analysis of three operational activities within the Bournemouth branch of Republic

Prepared for Barry Surman

By Laura Buthlay

15th December 2010

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Executive Summary

This report aims to identify the perceived strengths and weaknesses within Republic, a national company in the Fashion Retail sector.

The main focus of this report is to review the current offering and to suggest three operational improvements that have been demonstrated to be of key importance and are proven to contribute to sales and productivity.

The findings of the Primary research revealed that three key areas could be easily and cost effectively improved:

  * Customer Service

The findings were that the staff in Republic appeared not to be customer-focused but instead focused on administrative work at the tills, re-stocking and tidying of goods. Staff were not pro-active in offering assistance and when assistance was asked for the help given fell short of the service quality expected. Recommendations detailed in this report include staff training in the short term and potentially re-evaluation of the recruitment process in the long term.

  * Store Appearance

The store appearance was identified as the main area of weakness within Republic. This is due to a badly planned layout and overstocked floor space. This...