Mba Operations Management

Operations Management


      Operations Function
      Within a Facilities Services Company

William Peden

      Registration No. 200965241


      University of Strathclyde

      July 2009                                                         Word Count 2750


Contents:                                                                                                         1

Section 1:     Introduction                                                                               2

Section 2:     Literature Review                                                                     2

Section 3:     Case Study Investigation                                                           8

Section 4:     Conclusion                                                                               14
                    4.1 Reflection                                                                           15

References:                                                                                                     16

Appendices:                                                                                                   17

1. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to examine the operations functions within a facilities services company which is supplying both Hard and Soft services to the Commercial and Residential sector of business in the Middle East Region.

The first section will comprise of a literature review which will establish that I have an understanding of Operations Management and its role within an organisation. This will be followed by a case study review, in which I will be using a facilities services company which I worked for as the example. Finally the conclusion will be an observation and reflection as to the effectiveness/success of the operations structure within the organisation.

2. Literature Review

The origins of...