An Analysis of a Transcript from 'the Office'

Studying a comedy transcript

(.) Micropauses                 (2)   Second duration pauses
// Overlaps                       ::   Lengthened Vowel Sound
=   Latch-ons               Bold Word emphasised
(laughs)   Paralinguistic Feature           th.   Unfinished utterance

Former Manager David Brent, and newly-appointed Manager, Gareth Keenan, are talking about David’s love life.

David:   someone who shall remain nameless has persuaded yours truly
            to (.) well it is a bit of a laugh   // really

Gareth:                                                 // internet dating (.) it’s online
            dating =

David:               =   ahh (.) yeh (.) I mean I’m going along with it but you
            know (.)   trying new ones (1) variety is the spice of life and all
            that (1) living la vida loca (1) la dolce vita

Gareth:   voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce-soir (1) you know what that
              means //

David:               // yeah

Gareth:   will you go to b. =

David:                               = ooh I hope no French women apply now

Gareth:   oh I hope they do (.) I love French girls

David:     yeah so do I (.) (laughs) I’m joking (.) I love most nationalities
Gareth:   okay (.) your personal details

David:     liberal

Gareth:   your physique (3) would you say you were slim (.) average (.)
              well built (2) heavily built (.) I’d say heavily // built

David:                                                                         // well built

Gareth:   (3) yeah (mimes a large stomach)

David:     yeah (.) most of it’s muscle innit

Gareth:   yeah (.) o::kay

David:     yeah (4) has Neil (3) got a (1) date for the wedding or is he
              // just

Gareth:   // September

David:     September (1) could be good (1) could be (1) Mike rang (1)
              could be a washout (2) hope not (2) hope not

Gareth:   how would you describe your looks (.) very attractive (.)...