Social Inclusion and Exclusion

Select a group of individuals who may experience social exclusion. Describe the effects of social exclusion that may affect their health and outline some of the inclusive strategies that are in place to help provide health care to these individuals
Social Exclusion and Inclusion - The Homeless
This essay defines and explains Social Exclusion and Social Inclusion and the issues surrounding these. It will then go on to choose a group of people to be researched further and show how social exclusion affects them. This essay will also include how social exclusion can affect the person’s health and the actual impact this has on the individual’s life. Ways of providing support to the chosen group will be discussed and the availability of such services. Local government strategies and focus points that are in place nationally and locally for helping to promote social inclusion within the chosen group will be investigated further.
According to Local Government Improvement and development (2011) Social exclusion relates to being unable to participate fully in normal social activities or to take part in normal political or civic life. The term social inclusion is used in attempting to combat social exclusion. Summarising this definition, highlights that if one does not partake fully in the ‘normal’ way of life one is at the risk of being socially excluded from society. In turn this is decreasing one’s ability of having any say or any knowledge surrounding the normality of working life in accordance with the social norm. Therefore if one is included in normal life one is accepted socially and is able to access a wide variety of services from the government and society without any restrictions. However according to Levitas, Pantazis, Fahmy et al (2007) ‘Social exclusion is a complex and multi-dimensional process, It involves the lack of denial of resources, rights, goods and services, and the inability to participate in the normal relationships and activities, available to...