Amba 620 Assignment 1

Consultation Report for Kevin Zarchin’s Scenario
Kevin Zarchin’s job as a regional sales manager was to supervise a team of sales representatives, a fairly large one at that, which had the potential to generate a revenue of $12 million dollars for the company for one year.   While in this position for a few days, he took note of a morale problem amongst the staff of salespeople that resulted in the decrease of sales in the region.   Kevin took particular notice to an employee who was not acting in a professional manner and a behavior that was unbefitting to his position in the company.   He noticed the troublesome employee’s behavior caused the resignation of six employees to occur five years prior to when he became a manager.   The troublesome employee was warned, but this proved to be ineffective.   He was ultimately terminated from the company albeit a rather slow termination procedure due to the company’s consultation with its legal department.
The troublesome employee had serious behavioral issues according to Kevin.   Some of these behaviors included being verbally abusive towards another employee, providing discouraging commentary towards teammates, and bullying other workers.   As mentioned before, these actions caused the departure of many employees and also resulted in the fall of sales revenue.   The actions caused by the disrespectful employee should raise the question as to why he acted the way he did in the work environment.   Could it be possibly due to his frustration with the presence of others while he was on duty?   Or was it caused by his desire to show management that he was ready for managing a team of salespeople?   In one view, Ketchen and Buckley argue that people who continuously cause trouble are merely creating chaos to draw attention to them as they constantly crave attention (Ketchen and Buckley, p. 600).   A diva, as named by Ketchen and Buckley, manipulates others to create drama that is noticeable by others and create a feeling of drama...