Amba 610 Week 10

Issue 1 – Ethics and Legal Environment
The Badaracco’s video file from 2002 lists many important and critical analysis methods for finding a solution to right vs. right problems. He lists four main questions and three tests that will be answered in this answer to find the solution to how the HR should handle the situation with Sansa.
Which way of proceeding will get the best net-net consequence? Badaracco’s (2002) right vs. right framework has the first question as what will get the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. In this question, Sansa’s pros and cons are to be compared with the pros and cons of other employees of Iron Throne Industries (ITI). If HR lets Sansa to work as senior VP at ITI without her having an MBA, many other employees who have worked hard to get an MBA to apply to such positions might feel angry and distrust. Others might feel the credibility of their company has gone down. If she can falsify on resume, she could falsify other documents as well. On the other hand, if Sansa is let go for the reason of lying on the resume and not having an MBA, which was a requirement when she was promoted, the company would be losing an excellent employee who has shown that she is more than capable of her job. In this case, letting Sansa continue to work as a senior VP not only helps Sansa but also to all the employees of ITI as she has been an outstanding worker and would further increase revenue in the company.
Which individuals’ rights cannot be violated, no matter what? First and foremost the rights of all employees and ITI cannot be violated. Although each employee should have an equal opportunity at the senior VP position based on their educational requirements set by the company and their work history, a decision has to be made such that the company’s well-being and the employee’s jobs are insured. Having stated that, the employees of ITI have the right to have a leader who is most capable of leading them. As is with many other...