Amba 620

Managing People in a Global Economy
South Korea: Are They Ready for Me? Am I Ready for Them?

Survival of an Female American in a Foreign Business Environment

University of Maryland University College
AMBA 620 Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace

My latest assignment from the multinational organization I work for is relocating me to the South Korea headquarters to lead the proposal group, gearing them to respond to more international opportunities. My first thought is how in world would I fit into their culture to successful fulfill my new duties. I am glad the organization has a global human resource system in place and will be working with an international HR manager to prepare me for the cultural differences between South Korea and the US. They will also inform me of their implications for effective manager-employee relationships. I will begin my training that consists of a four-step approach as described by author Gary Dessler in A Framework for Human Resource Management which consists of the following:
Level 1 focuses on the impact of cultural differences and awareness of those differences and their impact on business outcomes.
Level 2 makes me understand how attitudes (both negative and positive) are formed and how they influence behavior, i.e. stereotypes that may subconsciously influence how I may treat my team.
Level 3 provides facts about South Korea.
Level 4 gives me the skill building in areas like language, adjustment, and adaptation skills.
I will also have additional training at a management development center in the future in continuing my professional development and growth (2009, p. 375).   I am happy to know I will not go blindly into my new environment. Leading a proposal group in the US is stressful enough now I will have to assimilate into a new social and business culture.

In my level 1 training we discussed the nine cultural dimensions from the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior...