Amba 620

Top 10 Characteristics of an excellent co-worker.   My list is more of a trickle down affect, all characteristics tie in together and all need to be ‘mastered’ in order to be considered and excellent co-worker.

  1. Communication/Communicate Effectively – it may be because I am a stickler when it comes to communication either over the phone, written, or spoken.   Break down in communication or poor communication can be the fine line between the ultimate success or a complete break down of an organization.

  2. Productivity – the reading defines productivity as someone who can do more with less (Cascio, p.22).   As a co-worker being able to perform at a high level and produce great results in the process makes everyone else around you want to work just as hard and produce just as much. The bottom line is the co-worker should be “making and delivering outputs” (Margerison, p. 117).

  3. Adapt to Change – not every day is a ‘typical’/routine   day in the work place, being able to adapt your works habits when something comes up with out notice makes a great co-worker, being able to adapt not only pertains to new work and new skills as well as new environments. Cohen and Bacdayan (1996) define organizational routines as "patterned sequences of learned behavior involving multiple actors who are linked by relations of communication and/or authority" (Espedal, p469).   There are times where the worker may need to forget old habits and routines and adapt.

  4. Time Management – this characteristic ties into the adapting to change item because when things get thrown off course, or the day does not go as planned you have to be able to readjust your schedule and mind set to complete the assigned task.

  5. Team Player – The use of work teams in organizations has spread across industries, nonprofits, and national boundaries rapidly in the last decade. The concept of "team" has been reshaped to fit many circumstances ranging from temporary to permanent, single...