Aligning Hr with the Business at Sbc

Case Study: Aligning HR with the business at SBC
Thais C. Hernandez
Thomas Edison State College

Case Questions
1. Who were the customers of Mitchell and his HR staff?
In the case study Aligning HR with the business at SBC, Mitchell and the HR staff’s customers are the line managers. The line managers of most organizations are responsible for carrying out daily operations and functions such as policy and decision-making. Additionally, line managers focus on targeting decisions and productivity to achieve positive organizational outcomes, such as meeting sales goals and company mission.   Line managers are quintessential players in the overall success of SBC; maintaining a productive and encouraging working environment for the line managers at SBC is what Mitchell hoped to achieve in developing, implementing and reevaluating the connecting that human resources had on the overall business. In addition to the line managers, bank customers, executives, stakeholders, and all other SBC employees are also “internal” customers’ of Mitchell and the HR staff.   The goal of HR in any organization is to align its goals and deliverables with that of the organization; working in sync, simultaneously to achieve the best possible outcomes. HR professionals must understand the importance of working with all “internal” organizational customers (all company employees) to maintain or create a positive organizational culture. Additionally, HR professionals must also possess the availability and approachableness in communicating concerns with employees and more importantly, the ability to work to make changes that better aligns employees to productivity and performance.
It is important to recognize that changes in one department affect an organization as a whole in all arenas: organizational culture, increase or decrease in productivity, policies and procedures. More importantly, changes, even small policy or procedural changes in any organization’s department will have an impact...