Talent Management

Business strategy remains important in ensuring that a business performs well. It is important that human resources management is carried out in a proper manner the human resource has a function of delivering strategy insights in the organization so as to enable the organization to be more effective in sourcing, evaluating and motivating employees in this increasingly unstable business environment. In addition the human resource has to continue providing administrative services which are dependable, responsive and cost effective to the needs of the organization. It is clear that, for any company to be able to achieve, its market goals, it has to have correct human resources management. However, aligning the human resources does not guarantee 100% success towards achieving the market objective of a company. The Drotter results based approach is tailored to a professional services firm structure and applied in the development of a performance management system aligned with the business’s strategy. Drotter leadership pipeline approach is implemented with full performance definitions for each leadership level in the tailored pipeline becoming the basis for a new organization wide performance management application.

Discuss the importance of aligning human resource processes with business strategy.

It is a simple question, but the Human resource (HR) strategy is usually not aligned with the business strategy or any other strategies in the organization. The HR declares, the HR Strategy supports the business, but there is no other alignment with the business strategy. It is a program of the employee care, but it is not the HR Strategy. The HR Strategy aligned with the business strategy is about the growth of the business, increasing the performance of the employees and keeping the costs under a control. The HR Strategy aligned with the business strategy is not much about the employee satisfaction and benefits provided to the population as they are not the...