Aet L3

Working with other Professionals

It is important to establish my own and other professionals roles and responsibilities both within my organisation and externally. I not only establish this for professionals but also for the learner. It can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming to a learner to have so many people working with them to support them, and it can sometimes get confusing not only for the learner but also for the teaching and team providing that wrap around support. It is important for everyone to be working towards a common objective for that learner.

I ensure that professionals know exactly what my role is, and what my limitations are. There can sometimes be a tendency for expectations to go beyond what is expected of me and outside of my boundaries, and comfort zone. I am comfortable to explain to other professionals if I think that it is not my responsibility due to my limitations on knowledge and if I am not the best person to support with that particular issue. I attend regular Family and Child in Need meetings, and we are always clear at the beginning who we are, and what our role is. We also clarify at the end of the meeting what is expected of each professional, and what our aim is for the next meeting for that young person/learner.

I regularly have supervision with my manager to discuss each learner I am working with. This allows us to explore any issues and share ideas on how to best support the learners. I also have regular peer supervision with colleagues where we are able to explore ideas and utilise each other’s expertise, knowledge and experience for the benefit of each of our learners.

I am currently running a project in a particular Ward which has involved multiagency working. I have instigated meetings with other professionals to establish best ways of working and to avoid duplication of work by professionals. This has proved to be very successful and through sharing information in these meetings, we are better...